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Little trimming is necessary. Do a hard pruning in spring (late March) to encourage fullness and to Keep the plant's size in check. These South Florida shrubs are drought-tolerant once established, but do best if you water regularly, allowing time for the plant to dry out a bit between waterings. Jan 29, I have large oleanders that need to be pruned. When should they be pruned and how drastically can they be cut back? A. The best time to prune oleanders is during late winter just before new growth occurs (February – March).

Oleanders flower on current season’s growth. So if you prune at the above time, you’ll still get flowers. Aug 15, Cut larger branches with loppers above a node on the branch and at an angle so water will run off the cut. This will prevent disease. Usually two new branches will form from the node below the cut which will make the oleander look healthy and bushy.

Prune Smaller takedowntree.pwg: Royal Palm Beach. Dec 01, When pruning palms, only remove fronds that are completely brown and that hang below the 9 o'clock or 3 o'clock position. If you hire a professional, make your wishes clear by putting them in writing.

Explain that you want your palms to have a rounded canopy, not a mohawk. Many prefer a compact, rounded oleander bush to a leggy tree and to accomplish this, you need to prune it. According to Floridata, most backyard oleanders are trimmed to about 10 feet. If you Missing: Royal Palm Beach.

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