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Jun 02, How to Prune Lilac Bushes. When pruning lilac bushes, you want the bush to be about feet high, but don’t just start lopping off the top of the bush! It’s best to cut the full stem, all the way down to the bottom. This will allow you to have a mix of new branches and older, blooming branches, and will keep your lilac bush happy and takedowntree.pws: 2.

Jun 10, Fragrant, colorful lilacs are easy to grow in most regions. Whether your lilac is a shrub or a small tree, it will need to be regularly pruned in order to maintain a healthy shape and size. To prune lilacs, get to work in the spring: cut fresh flowers for bouquets, nip off the longest stems, and Views: K. Aug 20, Flowers are shaped like a lilac, is a purple color, very fragrant, and grows to ' in this area. Perfect for zones we're in zone 9. prefers loose, medium moisture, well-drained soils in nearly full sun; often grown as a multi-trunked, bushy shrub, can be shaped into a gorgeous tree; Loves our warm winters (compared to zone 6).

Lilacs bloom on newer growth, so the blooms will be on the new younger branches growing out from older trunks. Therefore as the bush gets older and older and puts out more and more new branches, since it blooms better on those newer branches, gradually the blooms are all way up high and unreachable to gather for bouquets.

String. Water. Fertilizer. Pruning and fertilization may save dying lilacs. A dying lilac bush may appear weak or yield only a few spring blooms.

This is commonly caused by overgrowth and poor plant nutrition, which may be remedied with heavy pruning and steps to ensure the soil contains vital nutrients. At times, however, the cause of death. Jul 01, Lilac Growing Zone, Cultivar and Maturity. Older lilac species such as common lilac (Syringa vulgaris), which blooms in USDA zones 3 through 7, can spend up to.

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